Dust Runners
metalscape sculptures
John Phillips Ashley is an artist renowned for his creative approaches to his craft. Throughout his multi-faceted career, spanning over 40 years, he has divided his creative disciplines between paintings, sculpture and design work. Now his time is devoted to painting. He received a B.F.A. degree from Ringling, but credits his early years as an illustrator and designer in allowing for the wide style diversity of his painting. Most of his works are oil on panel, but he often does work in a range of mixed mediums.

Mr. Ashley states: "I believe artists are influenced much by curiosity, mood and observation; these factors create impressions that play a large roll in executing the subject of any work. As to style, to me it is a tool of technique; one technique, or style will better express a theme's message over another. I am ever mindful that each piece must have its own mark of uniqueness. An artist must paint with a passion; someone will purchase a work often solely because it touches an emotional cord. For me it is most important to have a fervent desire to paint a subject; a purpose gives a painting a depth of interest, allowing it to stand on its own; a character of identity apart from all others. Paintings are no more than visual stories. The hope for an artist is to have viewers respond to what he tells."

Gileec' prints will be produced from the original paintings ; they will be printed in two sizes. This will be a custom feature added in the coming weeks. This site will be updated and post their availability.

Metalscape Sculptures

The Metalscape sculptures are an original medium created by the artist. They were made from Para Ply forms covered in tempered Aluminum. The surface is prepared, then the metal dyed by a special layering process. The dyed surface is coated with a clear polymer. The larger pieces are wall mounted by a cleat system; however a number of smaller Metalscapes can be hung conventionally as that of a painting. This medium produced two approaches; one, the flat angled surfaces; the other, a Repousse' technique, meaning shaped by hammering from the back ; a technique of a Silversmith to shape a vessel from a single sheet of Silver.

Due to the unavailability of materials the Metalscapes are no longer actively produced; what is shown here represents 80% of the remaining available that exist.